The Star-ACE Quest Jacket Vol. 3

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The highly anticipated new installment of the Quest Jacket is finally here: The Star-Ace. Hidden within the design of the jacket lies a mystery that will lead you on a high-flying adventure as an ace star pilot. Can you defeat the enemy and save the galaxy?

The Star-Ace is an interactive wearable experience filled with strategy, complicated puzzles, and a story that will guide you along on your adventure to save the solar system. It’s up to you to navigate the stars, out fly enemy forces, and lead your squadron towards victory. You are the Star-ACE. Show us what you’ve got, kid.

The Star Ace Quest Jacket includes:
- A wide array of materials allowing for diverse range of interactive and creative puzzles
- Decipher codes and intercept the enemy communications
- Removable embroidered patches make for creative puzzle elements as well as fashionable accents
- Discover hidden elements in the design
- Chart the stars and plot your course

This is a pre-order item and will ship separately.

Orders placed today will begin shipping late February 2023

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“The anticipated sequel to my one of a kind interactive wearable puzzle jackets is here —The Star Ace. It's an adventure every wear.”


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