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The Screaming Goblo Plush
The Screaming Goblo Plush
The Screaming Goblo Plush

The Screaming Goblo Plush

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HOW many times have you caught yourself farming low-level goblins in a video game? More times than you can count? Well if you're still not satiated, you can squeeze this poor defenseless goblin and hear him LITERALLY yelp in horror as you take his LAST gold coin... you monster. Also, I voiced the little creature, so you're also killing me in a way, haha neat!

- Approx. 4” tall x 4” wide w/ 3" legs
- Voice box inside w/ CircleToonsHD voice recording!
- Voice box is removable via zippered pouch. Pouch can be used for storage when voice box is removed.
- Premium quality & craftsmanship
- Ultra-soft 100% polyester stretchy velboa plush (so so soft & squishy)
- Polyester filling
- Embroidered details
- All new materials
- Imported

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