SomeThingElseYT Tube Tumbler

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  • Tube Tumbler 1st edition release 
  • PVC & ABS
  • Approx: 5 ½” tall 
  • Imported
  • For Ages 14 & up
  • By Creator Ink

Limited Deco Edition.

Don't miss out on owning 1 of 1,000 made. This exact design will never be made again!

Collect them all: Tube Tumblers Series One

Tube tumblers are a new take on the classic collectible figure. Now, the collectible figure serves a purpose situated on your desk, bookshelf or collector wall. If you’re bored and need a distraction, push them away from you and see them tumble right back to you. No matter how hard you push them away, they always return up right.