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Peepachu Plush

Peepachu Plush

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Shipping Estimate: Early June

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  • Approx. 10” wide x 15” tall (it’s HUGE)
  • Premium quality & craftsmanship
  • Ultra-soft 100% polyester stretchy velboa plush (so so soft & squishy)
  • Polyester filling
  • Embroidered details
  • All new materials
  • Imported

It's been three years in the making. Ever since we first introduced our stuffed animal friend on the livestream, you've wanted a chance to meet him. Now's your chance to add him to your family. Meet Peepachu. He's cute, he's huggable, he's a bit of a troll, but he'll always be there for you when you need him most. This little thing will stretch and bend and will always be giving you that little smirk, because no matter what you do, it's memory foam stuffing will keep its shape and softness. And most importantly he will be there for YOU. Your best friend or worst enemy. You livestreams or late night cuddle parties. It's Peepachu and he's looking rightatchu. Adopt him today!