Reusable Food Theory Souvenir Cup 3 Pack

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For the people (like me) who enjoy sipping on Diet Coke for prolonged periods of time, these big ol’ cups aren’t just an upgrade to your meal, they’re a lifestyle! Refill them and quench your thirst all day long. Take these durable cups on the road with no worries of spilling while driving - each cup has a secure lid and old school bendy straw for safe and easy summer road trip hydration. They last forever too! Heck, these cups are so sturdy, you can pass them down as family heirlooms to keep future generations hydrated. 

- 32 oz souvenir cup
- Reusable & recyclable
- Dishwasher safe
- BPA free
- Material: polypropylene
- Individual cup size: 6.75" x 4"
- Each cup comes with its own reusable lid & bendy straw
- Straw length: 12"
- Imported

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