About Us

Founded in 2018, Creator Ink is a full-package branding and product development solution enabling the internet’s top global creators to design, develop, produce, market and distribute their own branded merchandise and products through online and retail stores.

Since its launch, Creator Ink’s curated approach to product and Design Meets Personality fan-focused mission has attracted some of the most popular personalities from Youtube, Twitch and other entertainment platforms, including Philip DeFranco, MatPat and SomeThingElseYT. 

Why do creators choose Creator Ink over standard merch providers?

We obsess over design and create extensions of the creator’s brand that make their fans standout as members of their community. We believe that one-of-a-kind products created expressly for a creator’s community can create a vehicle for fans to take their content with them. 

What kind of products do you create?

If the creator can dream it, we can make it. From injection-molded hardgoods to cut and sew softlines and our first series of Tube Tumblers collectibles, Creator Ink focuses on bespoke merchandise that speaks to the creator’s fanbase in a language all their own. 

What experiences? 

We partner with creators to launch their products powerfully as an extension of their content and so that their product drops become fan events not just ecommerce opportunities.

Who do you work with? 

We collaborate with top-tier creators across all forms of fandom and internet culture. Our latest collections feature creators like Philip DeFranco, MatPat, as well as indie games like Kindergarten and animators like SomethingElseYT. We’re always looking to partner with established creators looking to create something special and unique for their fans and growing our portfolio of licensed IP.

Email contact@creatorink.com if you are a creator or represent a creator that could benefit from our services.