You are the

Theorist to solve the
Game Theorist Merch Mystery Treasure Hunt!
As I promised, the first 100 Theorists to solve the
mystery will be receiving a special prize. We're in
the process of finalizing design and production on it
now, so don't worry, we'll be emailing you soon about
it! It'll be worth the wait...

And if you weren't in the first 100, fret not!
We're keeping track of who got to the end of
this little treasure hunt behind the scenes
and you've won yourself some Theorist Points
that you'll be able to redeem down the line
for things like discounts, future merch,
achievement badges, the works! SO EVERYONE
IS A WINNER! Hopefully you enjoyed the hunt.
It was my goal to give you a little taste of
what it's like for me putting together the
pieces of these theories every week. And most
importantly of all, I wanted to give you the
chance to work together with the fellow
Theorist community members to solve the
challenge (That's why everyone got an
individual piece to the puzzle). I'm so
proud of you and this have
no idea.

So congratulations! Thank you for caring enough to
get to this point. Now strap in because the Holiday
Merch Mystery is going to be MUCH harder ;)