One Goofy Dude Plush | Official Merchandise for SomeThingElseYT and Common Sense.
One Goofy Dude Plush
One Goofy Dude Plush

One Goofy Dude Plush

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  • 3-D design
  • Ultra-soft 100% Synthetic Cashmere
  • Embroidered details
  • Poly fiber filling
  • Measures approximately 712" tall
  • Premium quality & craftsmanship
  • Imported

    All of the elements that make SomethingElseYT your favorite YouTube channel have been scientifically broken down into their purest and most cuddly form… a 12” Plush Dude too cute to resist. Just look at that Goofy face.  C’mon. It’s Common Sense.