Monstermon 1st Edition Deluxe Players Set

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The official Monstermon Card Game is finally here! With 50 cards to battle with, you can fight your friends and local dumpster dwellers like you were back in Kindergarten! This player's set includes everything you need to dominate the playground, from the fearsome Ultralodon to the cuddly Marshmallow. 

*Creator Ink is not responsible for any apocalypses triggered by the gathering together of the 50 cards.

- 50 cards total (300gsm Bluecore)
- 1 of each original Monstermon card
- Includes (2) 6-sided mana dice (acrylic)
- Includes (2) 10-sided life dice (acrylic)
- Two-piece collector's box (4" x 4" 2")
- Instruction booklet

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